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Social Worker/ Psychotherapist

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Life is filled with challenges, joys and change. Sometimes it may  feel as though life is a burden. If this is true for you therapy may be a great beginning in living a life you love. 

Life Stress & Trauma

What is therapy anyway?

   I view therapy as a gift only you can give yourself. It opens the door to discovery of the best possible you.

Eating Disorders

Many people struggle with addictions and just don't know it. Simply, addiction can be the use of any substance or repeated behavior that interferes in the quality of your life .  Through the evaluation together we can explore the right path.

believe in yourself

& Like who you are today



  • Addictions & Recovery issues
  • Eating Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Self-injury
  • Depression
  • Emotional, physical or sexual trauma
  • Significant  life event or changes
  • Clinical Supervision

Struggling with body image, weight, dieting, binge or restrictive eating  are just a few ways that  disordered  eating creates difficulties in daily living.

Helping you improving your life through knowledge, understanding & support you can trust.

Announcing I am now offering online individual sessions & supervision. 

Experience & Expertise

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